Arresting Television

by Clifford D. May

Reuters is reporting this morning that “Egyptian security forces raided an office of Qatar’s Al Jazeera television channel late Wednesday night and arrested 11 Qatari citizens” including four “Qatari police officers.”

Details are murky, but we do know this: Qatar’s rulers fund and control Al Jazeera (including its Arabic language station, Al Jazeera English, and Al Jazeera America) while also supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. In Egypt earlier this year, more than twenty Al Jazeera employees resigned to protest their employers’ biased coverage.

There’s a larger context that includes blatant Islamist propaganda being treated in the West as straight news, the mainstreaming — and, in the case of the Newseum, the honoring — of terrorists masquerading as journalists, and too many in the Western media being all too willingly manipulated by Islamists.

I’ve written about this and more on NRO this morning.

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