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WH Press Corps Goes Off on Carney over Press Access


The White House press corps let Jay Carney have it today over the administration’s restrictive press policies. The issue raised at today’s press briefing, the White House’s exclusion of photographers from official events and releasing its own images, has prompted criticism, protests, and boycotts of the official White House photographs.

Carney, a former Time reporter, argued that reporters are often unhappy with the level of access the media have to the president, but promised he would look into how to improve the relationship with the press. He contended that the nature of today’s media landscape,  including the proliferation of the Internet, has posed concerns for the White House and caused media organizations to worry about their customer base, prompting more outcry — and even laughter — from reporters.

He also suggested that media photographers may be concerned about competition from official White House photographer Pete Souza. Reporters pressed Carney on the matter for nearly 20 minutes, taking up a good deal of the daily briefing.


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