Re: A Moment of Clarity

by Rich Lowry

Michael, it would seem a little odd that Boehner has chosen this moment to unload on the outside groups, given the stakes are so small on this deal and criticizing something before it is announced (especially when you know what’s going to be in it) isn’t much of an offense. Clearly, this is in part Boehner’s pent-up anger over the shutdown strategy, which was damaging and Boehner felt powerless to stop. This time, since he doesn’t have to rely on just Republicans votes, he’s in a position to hit the groups while presumably winning the underlying vote. The bottom line here is that the debacle of the shutdown created a sense of urgency among House Republicans to avoid another one and enhanced the influence of the appropriators and others opposed to the members who were gung-ho for a strategy that didn’t work, and unfortunately never had any hope of working. 

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