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Todd: WH’s Limiting Press Access ‘Way Awry’


NBC News’ Chuck Todd, one of the leading voices taking issue with the White House’s policy of limiting press photographer access and instead releasing its own photographs to the press, blamed himself and his fellow media colleagues for enabling the conduct.

“We’re at fault here because we put [the photographs] up,” he said on Morning Joe on Friday. “We basically give out these visual press releases — and that’s what they are — and we don’t fight this enough.” Todd said that where the Obama administration “went way awry” on the issue of media access was the White House’s decision to hold a private ceremony for the president’s second swearing-in, saying that set the precedent for the rest of his presidency.

He warned that the current administration’s precedent on media access creates a “slippery slope” because the next administration will “erode access just a little bit more.”

Ultimately though, President Obama’s limiting of the media may sway public opinion to not allow future candidates to get away with the same behavior, Todd predicted. “I think this attempt to control access to a candidate is going to get to the point where the voter is actually going to punish the next candidate that tries to do that, and that they’re going to be interested in somebody who’s more truly accessible, not phony accessible via the Internet,” he said.