Long Live NR — with Your Help

by NRO Staff

From a $50 contributor to our current lawsuit-fundraising drive:

I’m a pretty busy guy, so I essentially get most of my World/Political info from two sources:  National Review, and Hugh Hewitt Show podcasts (where many of NR’s writers appear).  Both are insightful, informative, and very interesting.  And both are a force for Good in this world.  We need NR………..good luck!

Along with $200, one reader writes:

My donation is for defending Mark Steyn, and in appreciation of the generous high-quality free content at NRO. Thanks!

With $100, one contributor writes:

This is a very small, and long overdue, token of our appreciation for all that you do. Nil desperandum.

And with $25, another reader writes:

 Keep up the great reporting.  Love your columnists, especially that import from Canada now living in New Hampshire.

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