Sex-Change Coverage May Soon Be Part of University of Md. Student Insurance Plans

by Andrew Johnson

The University of Maryland’s student health-insurance plans may soon include coverage for sexual-reassignment surgery, according to the campus newspaper. The Diamondback reports that the university has sent proposals to three different insurance providers seeking a policy that would cover up to $100,000 for sex-change procedures.

The University Health Center director, Sacared Bodison, said that she expects the additional coverage will lead to an increase in premiums for students, but is “hoping it won’t add much.” On average, she predicted that it would increase the total premium by about $15.

“It is not a benefit many people would use, so it has to be weighed against all the other people who would pay extra money,” Bodison told the Diamondback.

But for some on campus, the proposal don’t address enough of the needs of the university’s transgender students. Among those calling for more coverage is the diversity director the university’s student government, who argued cost should not be a concern.

“Right now we’re excluding a certain gender identity from health care,” Joe Ehrenkrantz said. “They’re calculating discrimination into the cost of health insurance.”

If the University of Maryland expands its plans to cover sexual-reassignment surgery, it will become the 50th university in the country to do so.

Via Breitbart News.

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