Krauthammer’s Take: Obama Trapped by Deception Used to Sell Obamacare

by NRO Staff

President Obama is trapped by an event of his own making and it will be hard for him to rescue himself from it, Charles Krauthammer said Tuesday night.

Krauthammer, appearing on Special Report’s All Star Panel, noted that presidents are often “hostage” to events beyond their control, such as a hurricane. When it comes to President Obama, however, Krauthammer declared him trapped by the deception with which Obamacare was sold.

“The idea was Obama saying, if you’re among the 80 percent who like what you have, you are going to be unmolested, you are untouched,” Krauthammer said, but the law “completely remakes health insurance.”

The difficulty in recovering lies with the fact that the law is now being implemented, he said, and “cannot be stopped.” 

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