Ed Schultz Has ‘Gut Feeling’ Doctors Vote Republican, Doesn’t Need Proof ‘to Back That Up’

by Andrew Johnson

Ed Schultz doesn’t need facts and chose to go with his instincts when he asserted that doctors are Republican voters. The MSNBC host used his theory to argue that Republicans approved the budget deal because a “doc fix,” which postpones a cut to physicians through Medicare, would win them the doctors’ vote in next year’s midterms.

“How many Democratic doctors do you know?” Schultz asked on his Wednesday show. “Most doctors in this country vote Republican, most of them don’t like governments.”

“Do I have anything to back that up? No, that’s just a gut feeling — I’m willing to say that because it’s just instinctively what I feel in this country,” he continued.

There are differing results on how accurate Schultz’s gut is. A Jackson Healthcare survey from last year’s presidential election found that doctors supported Mitt Romney. According to the Great American Physician Survey, more doctors said they would vote for Barack Obama in the election.

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