Marriage Matters, Even for Rich Kids

by W. Bradford Wilcox

In case you missed it, early this week Matthew Yglesias had a snarky attack in Slate on New York Times columnist David Brooks and on Brooks’s reflections about the American family. In the process of going after Brooks for worrying about family breakdown, Yglesias argued that his own “anecdotal experience growing up in affluent circles in Manhattan” suggests that privileged children of divorce turn out just fine — at least in terms of college completion and economic success. 

There is only problem with his anecdotal argument: It does not fit the facts. Relying on research from the Pew Economic Mobility Project (among other places), I show in a new piece at Family Studies that even privileged children of divorce have problems. Among other things, contra Yglesias, they are less likely to graduate from college and less likely to maintain their privileged position on the economic ladder as adults. So, on average, marriage matters–even for rich kids.

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