re: A Fever Swamp — But Not a Large One

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

At a time when even Sonia Sotomayor appears disturbed by the radical secularist sexualityism of the Obama administration (“war” they say, and not one waged by theocrats, unless your church is radical secularist sexualityism) that’s brought Catholic nuns who serve poor elderly people to ask for relief, that’s an odd sideshow to highlight. It likely serves as a weekend gift to all those in the comment section who tend to insist that the Little Sisters of the Poor — and all Catholics and other religious believers insisting on religious liberty for all Americans — are trying to somehow impose Catholic sexual morality on the country.

Freedom — even for the nuns you think have archaic views, even to those who want to love and serve God with their whole lives. You don’t have to be the rare one who desires a theocracy to think being at a point of ”nun birth control” headlines is insanity and not good civil stewardship.

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