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Krauthammer’s Take: Extend Unemployment Benefits, but Wind Them Down


With the Senate scheduled to vote this week on whether to extend unemployment benefits, Charles Krauthammer said that the issue is not the cost of the policy, but rather the risk that the benefits could turn into a new entitlement.

“It shouldn’t be about whether it increases the deficit or not. It’s a fairly small amount of money and that’s not the the core issue,” Krauthammer said. “The core issue is creating an entitlement,” and unemployment benefits have never been considered an entitlement, he argued.

Though the vast majority of unemployed Americans want a job, Krauthammer said, subsidizing unemployment only creates more unemployment. Noting that many people still need the benefits because times are still hard, he offered a compromise: Republicans should accept a short-term continuation of the benefits, “but only if you build into the bill an unwinding of this so it has an ending so we all understand it isn’t an entitlement, it’s a way to help people temporarily.”


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