Anti-Redskins Tribe Disputes Poll Showing Support for Name

by Andrew Johnson

The Oneida Indian Nation is refusing to accept recent polling that finds widespread, bipartisan support for the Redskins’ name. The tribe took issue with Public Policy Polling’s phrasing of the question for not stating that the name is offensive.

“Incredibly, in asking Americans their opinion of the R-word, this poll deliberately omitted the fact that the term is a dictionary-defined racial slur that social-science data proves has destructive public-health consequences for Native Americans,” said a spokesperson. “We are confident that when given all the facts, most Americans do not support denigrating any group with slurs.”

PPP fired back by saying it asked respondents their opinion on the name in a straightforward manner: “Do you think the Washington Redskins should change their nickname, or not?” According to the survey, 71 percent do not believe the team should change the Redskins name, while 18 percent do.

Critics of the Redskins’ name have based their case on large numbers of people finding the name offensive and considering it a racial slur. Along with the PPP poll, other surveys have found that a vast majority of people support the team keeping its name, including among American Indians.

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