‘Abby Huntsman Fails to Mix It Up on The Cycle

by Andrew Johnson

Since taking over as the conservative voice on MSNBC’s The Cycle, Abby Huntsman’s showing has been discouraging. We weren’t expecting her to be a bastion of conservatism who never criticized Republicans; she just needed to make the show interesting and put up somewhat of a fight for the Right. Unfortunately, she’s not doing much of either. From my piece:

But in the six months since becoming a Cyclist, she still has her training wheels, helmet, and kneepads on. Pushing back against her colleagues doesn’t seem to be within Huntsman’s repertoire, which tends to pose a problem on a partisan talk show where you represent the minority view. Largely staying away from confrontation, she will put up as much fight as a New York City subway turnstile: You can push past fairly easily, and at most you’ll have to take another swipe before you eventually get through. She reads off a couple of related factoids about the subject without staking out much of a conservative position. That’s about the best conservatives can hope for from her.

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