Weird Science

by Andrew Stuttaford

The other day British prime minister David Cameron was saying that he suspected that the recent run of bad weather in the UK was due to climate change. I argued then that making such a claim was poor science and worse politics.

Now Britain’s Met Office, an organization firmly wedded to the idea of AGW, has waded into the controversy.

The Daily Mail reports:

[T]he Met Office said there was no evidence to support such assertions. Its statement came as forecasters said the relentless rain would ease off this weekend – to be replaced by a cold snap with temperatures falling to -4C (25F) nationwide…Climate scientists say no single extreme weather event can be entirely attributed to the changing climate, but the impact of greenhouse gases makes extreme weather – such as floods and droughts – more frequent. But yesterday the Met Office said that despite December being the stormiest month since 1969, it can be explained by natural variations in the jet stream, the band of fast-moving air which creates winter storms in the US and blows their remnants across the Atlantic.

No matter, Cameron steers on, heading the Tories for the iceberg (a possibly ironic metaphor under the circumstances).

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