Remembering Ariel Sharon

by NRO Staff


AIPAC mourns the passing of former Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon, a legendary statesman and soldier, who embodied the indomitable spirit and passion of the Jewish state.  Ariel Sharon was an extraordinary military strategist whose brilliant leadership helped turn the tide and secure victory in the Yom Kippur War.  Because he knew the price of war, Prime Minister Sharon was willing to courageously take risks for peace.   AIPAC extends our condolences to the Israeli people as we remember a heroic warrior and leader whose life was dedicated to the peace and security of America’s democratic ally.

From Marco Rubio:

Ariel Sharon lived a full life dedicated to serving his beloved nation. As a member of Israel’s founding generation, he helped the Jewish state become the vibrant thriving democracy it is today.

Benjamin Netanyahu tweets: