Koch in (Almost) Full

by Jay Nordlinger

As some readers know, there was a talk show last year that appeared on various PBS outlets: The Human Parade. This is a series of conversations with a range of personalities, as the title suggests. These are big personalities, too, and fantastic conversationalists, all. Here is a two-minute sampler:

In coming weeks, we at NRO are going to make the episodes available, online. We will do one a week. The first episode features a man no longer with us: Ed Koch, the longtime mayor of New York (and many other things). He died early in 2013. We sat down with him in the summer of 2011. He was in rare form — typical form, actually — as we talked about his life and times. He held forth on Reagan, Rudy, the movies, death, all sorts of things.

When the hour was over, the production crew broke into applause. Koch had been effervescent, reminding me of something that Churchill said about FDR: “Being with Roosevelt is like opening a bottle of champagne.” Anyway, the episode is here:

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