Will’s Take: ‘Iran Is Claiming Victory and I Think Probably Rightly So’

by NRO Staff

President Obama has said that Washington needs more bipartisanship, and Washington finally got it, George Will said on Special Report tonight. “There’s a bipartisan majority in the Senate for sanctions [against Iran] that the president says he will veto,” Will said.

Earlier Tuesday, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani proclaimed victory for Iran, saying, “In a few days the Geneva agreement will be implemented. Do you know what the Geneva agreement means? It means the big powers have surrendered before the great Iranian nation.”

Worries over the Iran deal have spurred lawmakers to consider new sanctions against Iran, which, according to Will, probably retains the ability to eventually build a nuclear weapon. “As long as they have the right to enrich, the capacity to enrich, and the stock of low-enriched uranium, they can build a weapon, and that is why Iran is claiming victory, and I think probably rightly so,” Will said.

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