How About Treating the Little Sisters Like C.O.s?

by Fred Schwarz

Military service is one of the most fundamental duties of citizenship. It goes back to ancient times and has existed in virtually every part of the world. The Constitution specifically provides for it. Yet when the U.S. imposes a military draft, we do not require conscientious objectors to bear arms.

Contrast this with the Obama administration’s insistence that the Little Sisters of the Poor must participate in potentially providing contraception to their employees. Democrats evidently think buying birth control is a more fundamental and important responsibility than protecting the nation from its enemies – no surprise there. But can’t they take a lesson from their draft-dodging days (or their fathers’)?

From World War I to Vietnam, conscientious objectors were excused from joining the military, but they still had to serve the nation in some way. Even now, if the draft is ever revived, C.O.s can be required to perform alternative service, including “health care” and “caring for the very young or very old.” So why not treat the Little Sisters in the same way? Maybe let them opt out of the contraceptive mandate and make it up by providing health care to the elderly? (Which is what they do anyway.)

The reason, of course, is that the contraceptive mandate gives Democrats a phony issue to support their phony “War on Women” campaign theme: “They’re trying to take away your birth control!” And that’s an even higher purpose than preserving the nation’s security.

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