‘Extreme’ ‘Right-to-Life’ Citizens of the State of New York React to Governor Cuomo’s Banishment Fantasy

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

I emailed some pro-life leaders and friends in New York for their reactions to Gov. Cuomo’s remarks insisting there is no room in the Empire State for those who seek to defend the most innocent of human lives. Not knowing the criminal penalties to come, I’m protecting their names.  

One friend says:

The governor has an unfortunate tendency towards this kind of absolutist rhetoric.  Just a few years ago, he declared that anyone who opposed redefining marriage was un-American.  If this is a prelude to his re-election campaign, then it’s going to be an ugly year, and maybe an ugly four years to follow.

All I can say is that if New York is a place where our governor is driven to expand abortion, increase the number beyond 110,000, permit late term abortions, redefine marriage and the family beyond recognition, and slander those who stand up for life and marriage, then maybe it isn’t any kind of state I recognize.

But since I think that New York is better than that — and because so many others feel the same way — then I think I’ll stick around.  And I bet we’ll still be here when the current administration passes into the mists of history, forgotten and unlamented.

Another e-mailed:

The governor’s words were so inconsistent with the tolerance and inclusiveness for which our state is known!
I think his comments were intended as pure politics (we are in an election year, after all). He will use the three issues he noted (abortion, gay marriage and gun control) as issues in campaigning against GOP candidates.
Unfortunately for him, he has now insulted millions of New Yorkers, who were basically told they are “unfit” for New York because they don’t agree with him.

Yet another, in Brooklyn:

Not surprised.  The son is unlike his Father.  Governor Mario Cuomo took what was essentially a defensive position on abortion and sought to articulate a justification for his policy. Governor Andrew Cuomo, on the other hand, is an abortion apologist.   While polls show that the vast majority of New Yorkers do not share his enthusiasm for abortion, sadly, most do not vote in primaries. The extreme left does vote in Democratic primaries and are de facto the only ones who matter in New York elections. Nevertheless, I am an Irish pugilist. My ilk delight in causes with overwhelming long odds. I intend to stay and fight.

And another:

Gosh, talk about the politics of exclusion! To me it’s typically what liberals do once they see rights as deriving from the state, not God.

What’s next – ”get out, or else”?

From another:

There’s no way around it; the governor has flipped his lid on the issue of abortion. New York is the abortion capital of America, yet Cuomo is hellbent on increasing the number and scope of abortions, right up to the moment birth. To call citizens who support alternatives to abortion “extremist” nears the line of ideological madness.

Another comments:

My biggest surprise at this foray into nasty invective by the Governor was his use of the term “right-to-life” to describe us right to lifers. He forgot the rules of the liberal stylebook by crediting our side for being for life, which makes him against life.

Another friend said:

I would hope that public officials would respect the right of those with whom they disagree with to participate in the political process, whether those who take different stands are members of the general public or those in political life.  

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad none of these reasonable people are packing their bags in response to Governor Cuomo!