Scarborough Questions Hoboken Mayor’s About-Face on Christie

by Andrew Johnson

The story of ​Hoboken mayor Dawn Zimmer’s tearful private accounts of the Chris Christie administration’s alleged withholding of funds last year doesn’t add up for Joe Scarborough. At the same time the alleged shake-down took place, while she did not officially endorse Christie for reelection, Zimmer spoke positively about him over Twitter and on the radio.

“If you were so let down and you call him ‘corrupt’ in your private diary, why are you saying he’s a great guy publicly?” Scarborough asked on Morning Joe on Monday. “That’s letting your own people down, that’s lying to your own people.”

Zimmer alleged that lieutenant governor​ Kim Guadagno threatened to withhold Sandy relief funds over a development project in her city in August. The Christie administration has denied the claim.

Scarborough questioned Zimmer’s waiting to make the allegations, and said that, if it had been him, he would have brought the issue to the attention of a state or U.S. attorney.

“He’s either a corrupt thug that she’s saying he is . . . or he’s a great guy — if she’s willing to go public and vouch for something that is corrupt, what does that say about her character?” he said. “She can’t have it both ways.”

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