Krauthammer’s Take: Christie Investigations, Legitimate or Not, Are Just Beginning

by NRO Staff

Commenting on the fresh allegations that New Jersey governor Chris Christie tried to intimidate a Democratic mayor over Hurricane Sandy relief funds, Charles Krauthammer said he thinks Christie’s troubles are only going to continue.

“I think this is going to go on, there will be endless investigations, and that will slow him down, hamper him, and that is the deliberate strategy of the Democrats here,” Krauthammer said on Special Report tonight. If President Lyndon Johnson had been held to the same standard as Christie when Johnson was in the Senate, Krauthammer said, he would have ended up in jail rather than the White House.

“Whether its corrupt or not, it’s going to be time-consuming, effort-consuming, and it will create an image of him as a bully, if not corrupt,” Krauthammer added.

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