Leading with Love for Life

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Michael, I confess one of my pet peeves is the typical Catholic response being waiting for a bishop to do x. We don’t live in a culture where a bishop saying x has the sway it once did. (Laughter has been the response of this governor before at the prospect of eternal repercussions to policy positions, as I recall.) And that’s not entirely a bad thing if it reminds the laity that they are a part of the Church, too, and have leadership responsibilities in the public square.

That latter point is one Cardinal Dolan does make. In an interview with me conducted just before the governor’s rant, he points to the inspiring witness of young people who are about to brave appropriately frigid D.C. weather.

In addition to talking about the young people, he talks about the governor’s push to expand abortion in a state with miserably high rates already.

There’s a tsunami of secularism on the rise and it carries an authoritarian streak — see the mandates, edicts, and even banishment fantasies – nourished by isolation, ignorance, and arrogance. But there is also a renewal going on. The cardinal points to this, feeds it, and works to teach amid the chaos. And  he does a pretty good job of it (The Today Show is a good example) – opening doors to salvation, which is his gig. 

Editor’s Note: This post has been amended since its initial posting.

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