Live from (Even) New York, the Life Revolution

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Take a look at this video from the World Youth Alliance:

Based in New York, it’s an international movement of young people who insists that the person is at the heart of civilization and must be defended.

As some of young women and men explain in the video: They’re self-consciously countercultural and “anti-establishment.” They believe the “right to life is a fundamental right,” as one puts it, and that “motherhood is brave.” They, like so many young people today, want something better and are willing to fight for it. “True freedom is choosing the good despite one’s circumstances,” one young woman says in the video. “I’d be proud of my daughter if she chose life,” another says.

Andrew Cuomo probably doesn’t know about the World Youth Alliance, but he should. Like the hundreds of thousands already descending on Washington, D.C., for the March for Life, if he listened in and talked to them, he might just be inspired.

We can’t settle on doubling down on a culture of death. Why would we? 41 years of Roe is a miserable reality that we can do something about.

If you haven’t already, meet Eleanor McCullen, the lead plaintiff in the Massachusetts buffer zone case that the Supreme Court heard last week. She’s a grandmother, and at 63 began her vocation as a mother to mothers. As they walk into a Boston Planned Parenthood clinic she offers a loving hand to help.

We can do this one-on-one, culturally, and politically. I’m about to run to an Americans United for Life symposium; they are trying to help especially on that last one. Then I’m off to Maryland for the Students for Life annual conference. There are so many Americans who want to help. They are not simply into holding signs, as they will tomorrow at the March for Life (see my interview with March for Life president Jeanne Monahan here), but they are there to give women and men hope, to let them know there are people who know parenthood is brave, especially in trying situations, and to help.

The face of the pro-life movement today is young people and the wise leadership of women like Mrs. McCullen who know and help. She’s a leader to follow.  

One last video: Texas Right to Life put this history of Roe together (below). (For more from Texas Right to Life see my interview with Emily Horne there. Wendy Davis shouldn’t be the only woman in Texas we talk with this week.)  You can see the generational shift; young people want to establish a robust culture of life in the United States.  

Correction: True to my NY-centeredness, I flubbed good Texas groups. Emily Horne does indeed work for the fabulous Texas Right to Life. The video above comes from Texas Alliance for Life! Apologies for the mix-up.