Scarborough, Wallace Push Back on MSNBC’s Reporting on Hoboken Mayor

by Andrew Johnson

At least two MSNBC personalties aren’t accepting the network’s reporting on Hoboken mayor Dawn Zimmer’s allegations against the Chris Christie administration quite yet. “All I’m asking is for somebody out there to actually ask a tough question or two of this lady, who has gotten a free ride for days,” Joe Scarborough said on his show on Tuesday.

Scarborough and Nicolle Wallace pushed back against critics of the New Jersey governor who are taking Zimmer’s claims that Christie’s lieutenant governor threatened to withhold Sandy-relief funds at face value. While Wallace admitted that Christie’s political aspirations would be finished if Zimmer’s allegations turn out to be true, she questioned the mayor’s timing to come forward with the revelations, saying it “stinks to me” as she is “being propped up” by MSNBC.

Meanwhile, Scarborough reiterated that he finds it odd that Zimmer stayed quiet for so long rather than take the threats to a U.S. or state attorney. “I wouldn’t go running off and writing in my diary — I don’t know too many other public officials who would — and then show up on TV three months later weeping when Chris Christie’s political career is going up in flames,” he said.

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