Will’s Take: Wendy Davis’s Problem Is Public Sides with GOP on All Legislative Abortion Issues

by NRO Staff

Wendy Davis doesn’t have much of a chance running a successful gubernatorial campaign on abortion issues, George Will thinks. The eleven-hour-long filibuster that made the Texas state senator famous was to stop a law restricting abortion to 20 weeks, “well into the second trimester, which we are expected to think is morally and constitutionally significant,” Will said.

“Abortion is a funny issue,” Will said. Because the Supreme Court has largely taken over the issue, there are only three areas where the law can be modified, according to Will: “parental notification . . . of a minor’s abortion, public funding of abortion, and late-term abortions.”

“And on all three issues, which are basically on the Republican side,” Will said, “the public is with the Republicans 70 to 80 percent.”

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