Getting Along

by Jay Nordlinger

Allow me a little walk down Memory Lane (often my least favorite street): When I was twelve or so, I encountered Eugene Ormandy, the conductor — who was very nice to me. Several years ago, I related this to two senior statesmen in the music business. They looked at each other astonished: “Ormandy was nice to someone?”

Part II of our Christa Ludwig series is on the homepage today, here. In this installment, we talk about some other great singers, including Elisabeth Schwarzkopf. “To me, she was very nice,” says Ludwig. Even Schwarzkopf’s husband, Walter Legge, the record producer, was nice to Ludwig. But to others — a different story.

Well, since we’re being so nice and all, I thought I’d link to Schwarzkopf and Ludwig — I am merely going in voice order (soprano and mezzo-soprano) — in some very holy music. Nothing from the wicked stage. Here is the Recordare from the requiem by Verdi (who was making a rare departure from the wicked stage — though there is plenty of “opera” in his requiem).

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