Mike Huckabee’s Chivalry

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

I am appreciative of Andrew Johnson’s MSNBC Huckabee frenzy recap and Charlie’s piece. It’s outlandish to say that he was demeaning women or threatening our freedom.

He was saying what I’ve been saying for nearly as long as I can remember: Women do not equal abortion rights, women are not defined by the threat of getting pregnant, fertility is not a preexisting condition but a great gift, and the difference between men and women should be celebrated, not suppressed.

Today on MSNBC I heard a not-even-particularly-ideological anchor referring to Mike Huckabee’s talk of “women’s issues” as if reproduction only involves women and we couldn’t care less about anything else he had to say about, say, the future of America. Just give me my contraception. Now I’m free! That’s what the Democratic party has been selling with the HHS mandate. It’s patronizing politics and dangerous policy that narrows religious liberty.

But go ahead and have your War on Women fun, MSNBC. And explain to the Little Sisters of the Poor that in America today, that forcing them to provide contraception for the staff of their homes for the elderly poor is so important that it trumps their conscience rights.

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