Start Spreading the News: The Mayor Doesn’t See Pro-Lifers as New Yorkers, Either

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

A week ago tonight news broke that Andrew Cuomo said “right to life” views are not fit for New York State. He would later claim it was taken out of context, and gets a pass from much of the media. Even though we have the audio and transcript as evidence. What he did is tell the truth about a radical secular thinking that has become all too mainstream that would push religion to the sidelines. That’s what the Obamacare abortion-drug, contraception, sterilization mandate and so much else is. (More here and here and here. Our editorial here.)

Cuomo, in trying to accuse the New York Post of taking him out of context, even though they were not the first or only ones to react to his banishment fantasy, reverted to “anti-choice” as is the typical script to describe those who oppose legal abortion. He may believe what he said, but he will go back to hide behind words like “Women’s Equality” when pushing for abortion expansion in New York State (read my interview with Cardinal Dolan about that here).

The new mayor of New York, though, is sticking with the honesty. Bill De Blasio says the governor was right in his radio interview, New Yorkers aren’t “extremists” who “want to challenge and deny a women’s right to choose.” If you’re talking about legal abortion, Mr. Mayor, yes, yes we do.

“I agree with Gov. Cuomo’s remarks,” de Blasio told reporters after delivering a speech before the US Conference of Mayors.

“I interpret his remarks to say that an extremist attitude that continues the reality of violence in our communities or an extremist attitude that denies the rights of women does not represent the views of the people of New York state,” he said.

“We all understand there’s a right to free speech. I wouldn’t disagree with that right, nor would Gov. Cuomo.”

So feel free to talk about it, but you’re not a New Yorker, Cardinal Dolan? Same for women like Dr. Anne Nolte, Dr. Elissa Sanchez-Speach, Mother Agnes Donovan – who I ran into outside the Supreme Court during the March for Life Wednesday and all of her Sisters of Life – Cheryl CalireKathy GallagherLisa HallSusanne Metaxas, Maria McFadden and Anne Conlon of The Human Life Review, and Theresa Bonapartis, who are all doing “right to life” work in the Empire State. That’s the position of the Democratic party in New York?

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