McConnell: GOP Should Extract Concession in Exchange for Raising Debt Ceilling

by Eliana Johnson

Though Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell has vowed there will not be another government shutdown, he strongly suggested on Sunday that Republicans will put up a fight over the president’s request to raise the debt ceiling, a battle that will take place in the coming weeks. With the country set to hit the debt limit on February 7, Republicans, McConnell said, should attempt to extract concessions from the president in exchange for his demand.

McConnell called the president’s request for a clean debt ceiling “irresponsible.” “I think the president is taking an unreasonable position to suggest that we ought to treat his request to raise the debt ceiling like some kind of motherhood resolution where everybody just says ‘aye’ and we don’t do anything when we have this stagnant economy and this massive debt created under his administration,” the minority leader told Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace.

He suggested attaching a significant demand, such as approval of the Keystone pipeline, to any debt-ceiling increase.

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