Macklemore’s Congnitive Dissonance

by Charles C. W. Cooke

Rapper, Macklemore, wrote this tweet in 2009, before he was famous enough to lecture everybody about how awful they are:

Turns out that Macklemore has some pretty damning views of the United States government, too. In Bush Song, he wrote:

Where’s Dick Cheney at? Probably off in Iraq
Findin some oil to tap, tell em I got up on that
And y’all still think it was Bin Laden
When it was us and the Masons, plottin on oil profits

He also forwarded the view that the U.S. government is controlling the elections:

Cause we got the last names of every single felon
We programmed the computers to find the names that were the same
Whoever came up couldn’t vote on th’ election day
Way to go Jeb, really great strategy
We got rid of the majority of black families
And I’m not even talkin’ about Dade County
The expired military ballots are bogus counted
I’d like to thank my cousin and the help from my pappy
My cousin owns Fox and it made me very happy

In American, Macklemore takes on the voice of what he believes to be the average American:

Got a picture of Reagan above my fire
Next to the deer I shot with my rifle
N.R.A.? Hell yeah, I support ‘em

So, here’s my question: How stupid does one have to be to believe that the American government is capable of performing terrorist attacks on its own people in order to justify war, is controlling the country’s presidential elections, and has been hijacked by Masons, and yet oppose a group such as the NRA, which is trying to keep the government’s hands away from the privately owned firearms? What’s the line here: “You’re a sheep who doesn’t realize how inordinately evil the American state is. By the way, can you believe that some people are against federally managed gun registries and background checks?”?

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