Gohmert on Obama: ‘My Heart Breaks for Him’

by Betsy Woodruff

Representative Louie Gohmert, an outspoken Texas Republican, tells NRO President Obama’s address tonight broke his heart.

“It was, uh, interesting,” he says of the speech, adding that everyone wants Americans to do better but that “the distance between the poor and the rich grew” under the Obama administration.

“My heart breaks for him,” he says when asked about the president’s comments on Iran, “because he’s just not aware of the damage he’s doing to the Middle East, the nuclear proliferation he’s causing, and the freedom he’s giving to Iran to continue to develop nukes.”

The congressman then explained an unusual sartorial choice: a tie with tiny images of Santa Claus on it.

“This is Santa Claus, my tie,” he tells a growing group of reporters. “Because we were listening to Santa Claus. The difference is this Santa Claus has the children pay for the parents’ gifts.”

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