Pelosi: President Obama Should Use Executive Actions More

by Andrew Johnson

Nancy Pelosi applauded President Obama for taking action to raise the minimum wage of federal contractors, citing the Emancipation Proclamation as a precedent for such executive action. Even though she would have preferred to see the raise come through legislatively, she said it was “fine” for the president to bypass Congress because he had “exhausted” other options.

Pelosi told Fox News that she hopes the president does use his executive authority again for other initiatives that have stalled in Congress, such as ENDA. “When you have exhausted the legislative remedies . . . then the question is why don’t you do something about it where you have the power to do it,” the House minority leader explained.

Mentioning Abraham Lincoln’s executive order to free the slaves during the Civil War, Pelosi said there are times where such actions are appropriate. ”There are many things that happened over time that wouldn’t have ever happened waiting for Congress,” she said, referring to the Emancipation Proclamation. 

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