Immigration at the House Retreat

by Rich Lowry

Here’s a quick, early read-out of the immigration discussion at the House retreat, which was still ongoing as of 20 minutes ago, from one source in the room. Boehner made a brief presentation that hewed to the principles that have been released. He gave the impression, at least to the observer, that he’s not committed. He said there’s been no decision to take anything to the floor, but he is absolutely opposed to a conference with the Senate on the Gang of Eight bill. The House members seemed to break down into roughly thirds: those who like the principles and want to move; those who like the principles but think this is the wrong time to do anything; those who opposed the principles and also think the timing is wrong. This source says it was a friendly, “in the family” discussion without a lot of anger or high emotion, at least while this source was in the room.

Other, more detailed accounts should be leaking out soon.

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