Ryan: We Don’t Trust Obama to Implement Immigration Law, but House Can Address That

by Patrick Brennan

Paul Ryan recognizes that House Republicans are concerned about passing an immigration reform that President Obama would be tasked with implementing, but he believes the GOP plans will be able to address those worries.

“Here’s the issue that all Republicans agree on: We don’t trust the president to enforce the law,” the House Budget Committee chairman said on ABC’s This Week. ”So if you actually look at the standards Republican leadership put out, which is, security first — first, we have to secure the border and [get] interior enforcement. . . . Those things have to be in law, in practice, and independently verified before the rest of the law can occur. So it’s a security-first, non-amnesty approach.”

Representative Ryan also promised that the House wouldn’t go to conference with the Senate on the Gang of Eight bill the upper house passed last week, noting that there is no timeline on which the bodies have to agree on a bill.

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