Cantor Promises Better Border Security than Senate Bill, Won’t Promise ‘Trigger’

by Patrick Brennan

When host Major Garrett asked whether the House will insist on a border-security “trigger mechanism” in its immigration legislation before legalization can go forward, House majority leader Eric Cantor said ”no one is satisfied with the use of that term” as long as it describes the conditions in the Senate’s Gang of Eight bill, but wouldn’t say the House is planning on a “trigger” either.

The House’s proposals, Cantor says, will require a “clear, certain, determined ability” to secure the border and ensure interior enforcement before various parts of immigration reform are implemented. Security and acceptable levels of enforcement have to be a “precursor” that “has to happen” as the first step in immigration reform, he said. Cantor did not clarify whether security measures would be part of the same bill as the other reform measures, or whether the latter measures would in fact be contingent on some assessment of how security has been implemented.

Cantor also assured Garrett that the House has no interest in taking up the Senate’s immigration bill.

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