Couple from ‘Hero’s Welcome’ Super Bowl Ad Tells Their Story

by Andrew Johnson

The soldier and his girlfriend featured in one of Sunday’s most memorable commercials joined Fox & Friends on Monday to discuss the experience of a town-wide welcome-home parade. The couple found out only earlier this week that the entire celebration was going to be a Super Bowl commercial.

Shannon Cantwell explained that she entered her boyfriend, Lieutenant Chuck Nadd, a helicopter pilot, in the contest for the welcome in November, and only learned he had been selected just before Christmas. Told he was just coming home from Afghanistan to give a speech to a local VFA group, Nadd was surprised by the incredible welcome by his community.

“So many folks deserve this so much more than me,” Nadd said. “I really hope that the message that gets out is that for all the people that have been on two, three, or more combat deployments — folks that have come back injured or not come back at all — those are the real heroes, and we hope that this highlights that for America.”

Watch the entire commercial below:

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