Axelrod: Boehner Should Get ‘Thunderous Applause’ from House GOP

by Andrew Johnson

​House Republicans should be thanking John Boehner for passing the debt-limit increase, not condemning him, according to David Axelrod. He says that it ultimately put them in a better position politically.

After Boehner announced his intention to pass the increase with a majority of Democrats supporting in the caucus meeting on Tuesday, the Washington Post reports that the room was silent, prompting the speaker to ask, “I’m getting this monkey off your back and you’re not going to even clap?” Axelrod said that treatment towards Boehner was undeserved.

“He should have gotten thunderous applause from that caucus,” the former Obama adviser said on Morning Joe on Wednesday. By passing the increase with Democratic votes, he allowed Republicans to vote against it, while also protecting the GOP from facing the political fallout for not doing it.

“I thought he did exactly what the leader should do,” he added.

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