New Hampshire’s House Votes Down Background-Check Bill

by Charles C. W. Cooke

That New Hampshire background-checks bill that we were told was going to be close? Not so much:

A New Hampshire bill that would have expanded background checks for gun sales and transfers to include gun shows, the Internet and flea markets was killed by the state’s House of Representatives on Wednesday.

A closely divided House debated the issue for two hours — at one point voting to study the matter rather than impose the background checks — but later voted 242-118 to kill the bill after supporters tried to postpone final action in a bid to either salvage the checks or change the study’s focus.

The bill would have required most private sellers would to conduct background checks through federally licensed dealers, using a system already in place for dealer sales.

Breaking the law would have been a misdemeanor charge. An exception would have been made for noncommercial private sales between individuals not prohibited by federal law from buying a gun.

In other words, the bill was even weaker than the one that President Obama wanted passed federally. And it failed, by 242 votes to 118, in a Democratic-led House (216-177). That should tell you something.

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