Obama White House Scores Big on Late-Night Premieres

by Andrew Johnson

That didn’t take long: Conservatives will miss Jay Leno’s ribbing President Obama as soon as next week. While Leno was one of the only late-night hosts willing to make jokes at the president’s expense, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers will be palling around with Obama’s closest companions.

Fallon, who will take over the Tonight Show next week after Leno signed off earlier this month, will welcome First Lady Michelle Obama on Thursday, February 20, as part of his star-studded debut week. The following week, Vice President Joe Biden will sit down with Fallon’s successor, Seth Meyers, on the new Late Night host’s first show on Monday, February 24.

Other political figures will also hit the late-night talk-show circuit in the next couple of weeks: Jimmy Kimmel will bring on Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly on Tuesday, February 18; Donald Trump, who has flirted with a handful of presidential and gubernatorial runs, will appear on David Letterman’s show the following night.

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