Will’s Take: Four Questions for Obamacare

by NRO Staff

According to George Will, there are four major questions facing Obamacare now. The first: How many people have paid? Though the administration is touting 3.3 million signups, many of those could be people who have placed a plan in their cart but not yet checked out.

“Second,” Will said, “only 27 percent are in the 18 to 34 group, which means adverse selection by age is still under way and they wanted about 40 to make this fly.”

Third, 55 percent of signups are women and “women have higher recourse to the health-care system, so that’s another form of adverse selection,” Will said.

Lastly, most signups were in states that did not establish a state exchange. This is problematic, Will explained, because “there are four lawsuits in various federal courts saying clearly that the plain text of the law says, ’subsidies shall be available only through exchanges established by a state.’”


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