Woodward: The Ball Is in Obama’s Court

by Patrick Brennan

President Obama could work with Republicans on two of the issues he’d like to focus on, income inequality and the unemployment crisis, the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward says. Though it is an election year, the GOP’s agreement to raise the debt ceiling without any strings attached, Woodward said on Face the Nation this morning, means there’s an opening for constructive legislation — if the president takes the chance.

“I think it’s possible, because of this moment, particularly the president could say, ‘Let’s work something out’” on two key economic issues, inequality and unemployment. “He could actually work some deals with the Republicans in Congress, to help those two things in a measurable way. And, as we say, the ball is in his court.”

At another point in the program, Woodward said last week’s debt-limit increase “is not a peace offering or a really early Valentine to the president,” but the ease of the debt-limit increase, he suggested, means President Obama ought to reciprocate by trying to cooperate with the GOP.

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