’s Spanish Website Still Facing Translation Mess

by Andrew Johnson

Bungling continues to be a bilingual affair. After the Obama administration vowed to correct sloppy translations on its Spanish-language website, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius offered what a local television-news anchor described as ”only excuses” for why the website continues to be plagued with “Spanglish.”

Orlando’s ABC-affiliate WFTV detailed that the website still shows instances of incorrect and literal translations from English that do not make sense in Spanish. For instance, when trying to say “out-of-pocket costs,” (which itself is a mistranslation) uses gastos de su bolsillo, which means “cost of my pocket.”

Sebelius insists that the website is being translated by a team of experts, and not by a computer program. “Terminology in insurance is pretty arcane, even in English, and that they probably did not have the smoothest translation into Spanish,” the Health and Human Services secretary told the station.

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