Michelle Obama: ‘I Can’t See Everything’

by Andrew Johnson

The first lady wants you to show her how you move: Michelle Obama launched her latest initiative asking people to send her information over social media about the way they exercise. While she credited her Let’s Move! initiative’s efforts, she said it can only go so far.

“I can see some of these things, but I can’t see everything,” she said on the Tonight Show on Thursday night. “I want to see how people around the country are moving and changing the standards for health for our kids.”

If enough people participate, she hinted that President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden “will show us how they move” as a reward.

New Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon also asked the first lady to take the opportunity to stress why it was important for people to enroll in Obamacare, especially “since a lot of young people watch our show.” She described young people as “knuckleheads” who might need coverage because they put themselves in harm’s way or could be prone to accidents.

During the show, Obama also took part in a sketch that featured Fallon and Will Ferrell dressed as teenage girls hosting the first lady. Fallon and Ferrell’s characters fawned over Obama as they marveled at her strength, danced with her, and agreed that kale chips tasted better than potato chips.

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