Moving Forward on Immigration

by Ramesh Ponnuru

Greg Sargent thinks that Republicans who say they would move immigration legislation if only they trusted President Obama are letting themselves off too easily: The truth is that Republicans themselves have reached no consensus on immigration policy. That’s right, I think, although distrust of Obama’s willingness to enforce any law that he signs adds to Republicans’ reluctance, and distrust of both Harry Reid and the Republican leadership makes some backbench Republicans nervous about advancing even legislation they support. (They worry that anything they pass would become a vehicle for final legislation they dislike.) My own view is that immigration reform has been moving on the wrong track and concentrating on the wrong questions, and we won’t get a better bill until advocates of the current approach give up on it. I can’t imagine anything good coming out of D.C. on this issue this year, and so congressional inaction seems like the best plausible scenario.

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