Ayotte: ‘It’s Time to Reset the Reset’

by Alec Torres

Senator Kelly Ayotte (R., N.H.) said today that President Obama’s policy of trying to “reset” relations with Russia has failed, and now “it’s time to reset the reset, and I think Ukraine presents an opportunity for the president to do just that.”

Putin has harbored Edward Snowden, interfered in Syria, and armed the Assad regime, Ayotte said, and it seems the reset policy hasn’t worked.

Fox News’s Chris Wallace then asked Ayotte if Putin or Obama was winning in Syria. Ayotte said, “Unfortunately, it’s Putin right now. Again, Putin can play a role of putting pressure on Assad. They are not putting enough pressure on Assad.”

Because there is not enough pressure on Assad, the Syrian leader is getting away with dragging his feet on the chemical-weapons agreement. Along with Putin, Ayotte thinks Assad is coming out ahead in the end.

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