Most Americans Think Obama Is Not Respected on World Stage

by Alec Torres

 A new Gallup poll released on Monday shows that more Americans think world leaders do not respect President Obama than think President Obama is respected by world leaders.

Fifty-three percent of those surveyed think world leaders don’t have much respect for Obama while 41 percent think world leaders do respect him. This is a near flip of Gallup’s results last year, when 42 percent thought world leaders did not respect him but 51 percent thought they did.

Obama began his presidency with 67 percent of Americans thinking that world leaders respected him, and that number declined to the low 50s where it has been relatively stable the past few years. Gallup’s pollsters speculate that the recent flip is due to recent events, such as the revelations that the U.S. spies on foreign leaders’ phone calls, the mishandling of Syria, rising tensions with Russia, and the icy relationship between Obama and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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