Any Bets on When ‘Polyaphobic’ Will Be in the Oxford English Dictionary?

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Thomas Roberts used to host the 11 a.m. EST hour on MSNBC and would reliably have a segment advocating or celebrating same-sex marriage. It appears with Roberts’s recent promotion to the morning hours, MSNBC has a new cause for the slot. Monday morning, just before noon, MSNBC ran a segment with the stars of the reality TV show Sister Wives, about people living in polygamous relationships.

If you watch the clip, you’ll see that at one point the host, Tamron Hall, inquires about one of the daughters of these unions, Mariah, who is “interested in joining a plural family,” as Mary, the girl’s mother, explains. Polygamy should just be on the menu of life choices for America’s children, was the clear message.

Is Sister Wives the new Will and Grace?

“I think people are past this ‘oooh, ah,’ and they are more respectful in some ways about your religion and what this means,” Hall observes about a new “understanding” the reality-TV show has been the occasion for, adding: “This is not just Cody exploiting four women here.”

“The four of us wives chose to be in this family,” Robyn Brown, another of the wives, says. As the screen explains, clearly she’s a “polygamy advocate.” “We just want to be able to choose our family without fear of prosecution, without fear of looking over our shoulder, without fear of losing our jobs, or discrimination. We want that for not only our family but for other families.”

So the Little Sisters of the Poor cannot choose to run their elderly homes without providing or directing employees to abortion, contraception, and sterilization insurance services in 2014 America, but polygamy gets the attention of MSNBC, engendering a strange new respect for religious-liberty claims?

You may recall Rick Santorum warning in 2003 that redefining marriage to include same-sex unions would open the floodgates to other things. Will history show that he was just being honest as the sexual revolution was overtaking our culture, remaking our laws, and adding to the wreckage of family life?