Krauthammer’s Take: Obamacare ‘Impossible from the First Day’

by NRO Staff

Two-thirds of small businesses are set to experience a premiums increase is just the latest Obamacare promise to be broken, and the administration knew it all along, Charles Krauthammer says. There was simply no way the government could fulfill all its stated obligations of covering up to 40 million uninsured people, preserving existing plans, and keeping premiums low, among other promises, he said.

“That was impossible from the first day,” he said on Tuesday’s Special Report. The only way it was remotely possible was through “hidden transfers of wealth” written into the law, he said, such as younger, healthier people’s subsidizing others.

“You could say it’s social justice, but you also have to say it’s deception,” he continued. “That’s how the numbers were made to come out so the administration would say the government isn’t going to pay a dime.”

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