Breaking Free of Depression

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

People are down and discouraged. Sometimes you go online for hope and it’s of no help. If you’re depressed, I pray this is of help. Depression has been on my mind since learning about Richard Shoop, the young man who walked into a store I happened to be in in a New Jersey mall a few months ago. He can’t be diagnosed now, but all signs sure pointed to someone in pain. If you’re depressed, if you know someone who is, it’s not a weakness to get a medical consultation and help — it’s courageous, it’s humble, it’s healthy. 

Today I interview Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, who is author, along with my friend Msgr. John Cihak, of a beautiful, accessible, helpful guide to depression. You or someone you know might benefit from reading it. 

And for those interested in the spiritual aspects of the book, I have more with Dr. Kheriaty here


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