Democrats Are Now Crowdsourcing Flacks

by Charles C. W. Cooke

From the party’s website:

If you’ve ever told your Republican uncle how Obamacare helps your community, replied to a nasty chain-email with a link to a well-researched article, or kept a picture of the President’s birth certificate on your phone to whip out at a moment’s notice, then you’re already a Factivist.

Democrats succeed when people on the ground are empowered with information (we’ll take care of that part) and are mobilized to get that information out to their communities (that’s where you come in). With the tools you’ll get here, you’ll be able to push back against Republican misinformation and defend our Democratic brand.

Ready to make the truth go viral?

The relentless manner in which the Left attempts to politicize everything — and to assume everybody into the agenda of a political party — never ceases to amaze. “Our Democratic brand”? How many people think about their lives in that way? Suffice it to say that, even if you do, if you have a copy of President Obama’s birth certificate on your phone then you probably need a different sort of help.

I particularly like the breezy way in which the author presents a sentiment as insidious as “information (we’ll take care of that part)” . . .


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